$219 per
rocker (white)
or 2 for
($199 each when
purchased in pairs)

Clear coat
$189 (right) or
2 for $359
$219 or
2 for $398
($199 each when
purchased in pairs)
in the
What's in STOCK??
2- D430 BLACK
6- D430 White
1-Hunter Green
1-Charleston Green
1-Geranium Red
2-146 Clear Finish
1-330 White

9-430 Natural

ALL $219 each except
#146 $169
#330 White $189

as of 03/27/2018
WHY buy Troutman rocking chairs and product??
You can go to the "Big box" store and purchase the China made
rockers but because they are made with rubberwood and come
in flat boxes (KD) you soon find out why. The "China made", the
screws work their way out and begin the squeak and because of
the rubberwood they don't hold up in weather...they fall apart.
With TROUTMAN rockers, yes you pay more up front BUT the
life of the purchase is in most cases LIFETIME. Most
TROUTMAN rockers ONLY need to be RE-PAINTED 10 years or
so down the road.   (IF they are out door in some weather)   Buy
American from a family owned business both factory (Troutman
NC) and our retail store (Waynesboro,GA).